This template creates interwiki links to the Sami and Kven "test wikis" in the Wikimedia Incubator, and puts them at the top of the interlanguage list to the left.

The supported languages are:

Language code Language name Native name
smn Anárašgiella anarâškielâ
smj Julevsámegiella julevsámegiella
sjd Gielddasámegiella кӣллт са̄мь кӣлл
sms Nuortalašgiella nuõrttsääʹmǩiõll
sma Lullisámegiella åarjelsaemiengïele
fkv Kveanagiella kvääni

Example rievdat

In the article Helsset, you would use the template like this to link to the articles in Southern Sami and Lule Sami on Incubator:

| sma = Helsinki
| smj = Helsinki
| fkv = Helsinki