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Problem has later been solved! ("Low priority ping", to programming-expert, regarding infobox.) (eaŋgalsgillii)Rediger

the following can probably wait for a month or two etc. - if resources are strained

"Fylka Narvik municipality".

"Narvik municipality" is wrong.

@Zache: Sorry to bother you, but you did a good job recently, when
"problem with this template in another article, was repaired".
Would it please be possible for you to "pencil in, the possibility" for looking for programming-solutions (including temporarily removing the infobox)?
Underlying problems, such as not having one article about Narvik town/city, and one article about Narvik municipality, are not likely to get dealt with, in 2018 or 2019, in my view.
The not-so-very-many contributors here, will likely contribute to other important tasks, is my educated guess.
Regards! Sju hav (ságastallan) 16:01, 11 njukčamánnu 2019 (UTC)/ Sju hav (ságastallan) 05:29, 12 njukčamánnu 2019 (UTC)

Problem has later been solved (by User:Jon Harald Søby). Thanks. Sju hav (ságastallan) 16:27, 12 njukčamánnu 2019 (UTC)

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