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==Thank you==
Thank you for attempting to correct wrong information, but please stop removing stuff from articles as it is creating a lot of extra work for me. Instead of removing it, the correct information can be found from the corresponding articles in other languages and added to the articles here. If you find a strange mistake like with the Bergen article, please let someone know that there is a problem with it at Gáffestohpu instead of deleting it. (The problem with the Bergen infobox is that it comes automatically from information elsewhere. That information is also used in other Wikipedias in other languages, so it is important that the problem is fixed there and not just deleted here.) -[[Geavaheaddji:Yupik|Yupik]] ([[Geavaheaddjeságastallan:Yupik|ságastallan]]) 23:19, 4 njukčamánnu 2019 (UTC)
:I have replied at "[ Mayors/ ordførere]". Cheers! [[Erenoamáš:Rievdadusat/|]] 00:45, 5 njukčamánnu 2019 (UTC)
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