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Takk for hjelpen og velkommen til nordsamisk Wikipedian! -[[Geavaheaddji:Yupik|Yupik]] ([[Geavaheaddjeságastallan:Yupik|ságastallan]]) 08:57, 8 guovvamánnu 2019 (UTC)
:Mun lea [[Geavaheaddji:]].<br>[ giittus, giitosa; giitit giittán] ! [[Erenoamáš:Rievdadusat/|]] 15:46, 8 guovvamánnu 2019 (UTC)
== A request ==
Hei. I need to ask you to check and double check any edits you're making because you're introducing more mistakes and misspellings into the articles than I can correct. Also please try to group edits together and then save all of them in one save. Thank you. -[[Geavaheaddji:Yupik|Yupik]] ([[Geavaheaddjeságastallan:Yupik|ságastallan]]) 07:01, 10 guovvamánnu 2019 (UTC)